Title V Property Appeal Process

What if my organization would like to appeal HUD's suitability determination?

For properties that are identified as unsuitable, there is a 20-day holding period from the date of the listing to allow homeless service providers the opportunity to appeal HUD's unsuitable determination.

What should be included in an appeal?

  1. Cover letter on Agency Letterhead. A clear and concise summary that identifies:
    1. property’s name;
    2. HUD property number;
    3. the date the property was listed in the Federal Register;
    4. the property’s location;
    5. the landholding agency;
    6. the reason(s) for unsuitability; and
    7. the reason(s) for the appeal request.
  2. Explanation on 1-3 pages. Clearly describe each for the appeal request reason identified in the cover letter.
  3. Supporting Documentation. Any other relevant information (e.g., clear pictures) that supports the reason(s) identified in #1 and #2 above.

How does my organization submit an appeal?

Appeal requests may be submitted by one of the four options described below:

  1. Send your request to title5@hud.gov with all the required appeal request documentation.
  2. Mail your request with all the required documentation to:
    Juanita N. Perry
    Title V Lead
    Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs
    Community Planning and Development
    US Dept. Of Housing and Urban Development
    451 7th Street SW Room 7262
    Washington, DC 20410
  1. Call the Title V toll-free number at 1-800-927-7588 to discuss the information listed under #1. Cover Letter. Send #2. Explanation and #3. Supporting Documentation to title5@hud.gov or by mail.
  2. Submit your request with all required documentation through Ask A Question.  

What happens after my organization submits an appeal?

  1. HUD will immediately contact the landholding agency regarding the appeal request, direct them to refrain from initiating disposal procedures until HUD has completed its reconsideration regarding unsuitability, and request additional information about the property.
  2. HUD will act on all requests for review within 30 days of receipt of the landholding agency's response and will notify the representative of the homeless and the landholding agency in writing of its decision.
  3. If a property is determined suitable as a result of the review, HUD will request the landholding agency's determination of availability in accordance with § 581.7(a). Upon receipt of the landholding agency&rsqo;s determination, HUD will publish the determination in the Federal Register. If the determination of unsuitability stands, HUD will inform the representative of the homeless of its decision.