S+C Guides, Tools, and Webinars

Guides, tools, webinars, and other resources were provided to assist Shelter Plus Care (S+C) grantees and program partners in designing and implementing their programs. They are available now for historical reference.

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Guides and Training Manuals

Shelter Plus Care Resource Manual

This manual is intended to assist grantees, nonprofit sponsors, and supportive service providers in administering the S+C program. It includes federal regulations and policy guidance for program operators, a description of activities that are eligible for funding under S+C grants, and a review of federal recordkeeping and reporting requirements. It also includes a collection of sample forms that may be useful for program operators. 

Date Published: May 2002

Understanding Shelter Plus Care

This S+C guide was designed for HUD field office personnel, potential S+C program operators, and S+C grantees looking for basic information about the program. It includes information on the program's four components, eligible applicants, eligible activities, grant terms, match requirements, occupancy policies, calculating the grant amount, and determining the S+C subsidy. 

Date Published: May 2002

Enhancing Shelter Plus Care Operations

This resource is intended for S+C program operators seeking advice about effective S+C program management. The booklet includes general information on the program and deals with a range of issues, including: strategies for meeting project goals and complying with HUD requirements, strategies for participant outreach and retention, property acquisition and financing strategies, and overcoming community resistance.

Date Published: January 2001

Programmatic Crosswalk of Changes: CoC, SHP, SPC Program Regulations

This is a quick reference guide to grant related citations of the CoC Program interim rule program components/eligible participants and eligible costs.

Date Published: July 2012

CoC APR Virtual Training

This interactive tutorial is about HUD's reporting requirements for the CoC APR. This tutorial is targeted to CoC grantees.

Date Published: March 2012

Continuum of Care 101

This guidebook provides an overview of the CoC homeless assistance system. It covers what a CoC is, why it is important, and how a system is organized and includes program resources, tools for effectively managing CoC's and guidance for developing the Annual Funding Request.

Date Published: June 2009

Tools and Templates

The Homeless Definition and Eligibility for SHP, SPC, and ESG

This document provides a high-level overview of eligibility for the Supportive Housing Program, Shelter Plus Care Program, and Emergency Solutions Grants program by Category of Homelessness.

Date Published: May 2012

Criteria and Recordkeeping Requirements for Definition of Homelessness

This two-page document provides a high-level overview of the homeless definition by outlining the criteria for defining homelessness and the recordkeeping requirements based on four categories under which individuals and families may qualify as homeless.

Date Published: January 2012

CoC APR Questions Template

This is a template designed to assist grantees required to complete the Full CoC APR. It is a model of the data collected in e-snaps.

Date Published: April 2014

FY 2011 CoC New Grant Awards Report and Press Release

This report and accompanying press release display the new homeless assistance projects being awarded by HUD under the 2011 CoC competitive grants process.

Date Published: March 2012

FY 2011 CoC Renewal Grant Awards Report and Press Release

This report and accompanying press release display the renewal homeless assistance projects being awarded by HUD under the 2011 CoC competitive grants process.

Date Published: December 2011

CoC Program Competition Resources

These resources assist CoCs and individual Project Applicants with completing their annual electronic applications for homeless assistance funding in e-snaps

Date Published: July 2014

Webinars and Virtual Trainings

FY2011 CoC Competition Debriefing Broadcast

HUD held a satellite broadcast on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 to provide CoCs with an overview of the 2011 CoC Homeless Assistance Programs competition. This broadcast summarizes the results of the FY2011 competition, including information on the areas CoCs generally did or did not perform well and provides suggestions for improvements for the FY2012 application. In anticipation of the HEARTH implementation, there is an overview of what to expect in the FY2012 competition. 

Date Published: April 2012

Homeless Status: Recordkeeping Requirements Webinar

This webinar is the first in a two-part series on documentation. It describes recordkeeping requirements for the Final Rule of the Definition of Homelessness.

Date Published: March 2012

Determining Homeless and At-Risk Status, Income and Disability Webinar

This webinar will provide a comprehensive introduction to HUD’s Homeless Definition Final Rule and the new at-risk of homelessness definition included in the Emergency Solutions Grants Program Final Rule.

Date Published: December 2012