Section 236 Preservation Program

The objective of HUD’s Section 236 Preservation initiative is to preserve the affordability of rental housing units originally developed through the Section 236 mortgage program. On July 1, 2013, HUD's Office of Multifamily Housing Programs launched a centralized processing model for the majority of Section 236 preservation activity through the Office of Affordable Housing Preservation (OAHP) in HUD Headquarters. OAHP has subsequently been renamed as the Office of Recapitalization, or Recap. Under HUD's streamlined procedures, Section 236 property owners are required to submit requests for applicable transactions directly to Recap for review, approval (or denial, as applicable), and processing.

236 Preservation Online Resources

The HUD Exchange offers a number of resources on 236 Preservation including resources and Technical Assistance.

  • Resource Library. HUD is developing 236 Preservation technical assistance tools and products, which will be posted here on the HUD Exchange. You can find these tools under the Getting Started section on the right-hand side of this page. Notifications will be transmitted to owners, applicants and other stakeholders via the Preservation listserv whenever a new tool or product becomes available. Current resources are available by using the “search resources” box at the top of the page. Simply enter “Section 236” for a full list of abstracts.
  • Section 236 Preservation Mailing Lists.
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    • Log on to to register for the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) listserv.

HUD also provides information and other guidance on 236 Preservation under the following online sources:

  • General program information is available on the Department’s web site about Section 236 and Section 236 Preservation.
  • Multifamily Preservation Resource Desk: This site has a library of forms pertaining to the various Section 236 preservation transactions, and also provides a Q & A portal where applicants can submit questions and receive information about applications. For summaries of various options and actions needed to preserve the affordability of a Section 236 project, see Section 236 Transactions: An Overview.

Section 236 News & Announcements

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