Section 108 Guides, Tools, and Webinars

Guides, tools, webinars, and other resources are provided to assist grantees and program partners in designing and implementing their Section 108 Programs. Grantees and their partners may also find the following guides, tools, and webinars useful: 

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Tools and Guides

Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program Application Tool

This tool lists the general elements that states and local governments seeking to apply for Section 108 loan guarantee assistance should include in an application to HUD.

Date Published: February 2020

Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program Reporting of Accomplishments in IDIS

This chapter explains how to set up, fund, draw funds, and report accomplishments for Section 108 Loan Guarantee program activities.

Date Published: January 2016

CDBG Economic Development Toolkit 

This Toolkit provides guidance on the effective use of CDBG funds for financing eligible economic development projects, including microenterprise and small business development, large-scale commercial and industrial development, and job creation, job retention, and job training activities. The Toolkit discusses the basics of financial underwriting and application of HUD’s public benefit standards as well as a variety of economic development financing methods.

Date Published: August 2011

Webinars and Virtual Trainings

Underwriting Income-Producing Real Estate Projects: HUD's Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program

This webinar focuses on underwriting standards for income-producing real estate projects financed by HUD's Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program. This training's focus includes housing, commercial and mixed use real estate projects. This webinar is a companion piece to the Section 108 Underwriting Guidelines for Income-Producing Projects, available on the HUD Exchange.

Date Published: August 2017

Financing Infrastructure for Community Resilience with Section 108

The webinar provides an overview of the Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program and information on how it can serve as a key resource for financing resilience projects. This introduction is followed by case studies showing the program at work in two communities, Mount Vernon, Washington and Meriden, Connecticut. These communities employed Section 108 as a gap financing tool and as a source of funding for key pre-development work in the implementation of flood mitigation projects.

Date Published: August 2016

Targeted Community Reinvestment: HUD’s Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program as a Financing Tool "Program Design & Application Process" Webinar

This webinar provides information on program design and the application process for HUD’s Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program.

Date Published: June 2016

Targeted Community Reinvestment: HUD’s Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program as a Financing Tool - 2016 Update Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of the Section 108 Program as a financing tool.

Date Published: February 2016

Using Section 108 Loan Guarantee Financing To Promote Economic Development Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of using Section 108 Loan Guarantee Financing to promote economic development.

Date Published: March 2011

CDBG Training Modules

This training includes video training modules on eight components of the CDBG program: Statute, Regulations, and National Objectives; State CDBG Program; Administration, Planning, and Financial Management; Housing and Real Property; Public Facilities, Public Services, and Other Activities;
Economic Development; Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program; and IDIS, Performance Measurement, and Reporting.

Date Published: January 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

Section 108 Financing Fee FAQs

This document contains frequently asked questions about the Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program financing fee.

Date Published: August 2016

HUD Announcements, Notices, and Circulars

Section 108 Government Guaranteed Participation Certificates - Series 2019 - A Offering Circular

In March 2019 HUD conducted a public offering of Section 108 guaranteed participation certificates in the amount of $327,338,000. The offering circular contains information on rates and other loan terms.

Date Published: March 2019

Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program: Announcement of Fee to Cover Credit Subsidy Costs - FY 2019

This Federal Register Notice announces the fee that HUD will collect from borrowers of loans guaranteed under HUD's Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program (Section 108 Program) to offset the credit subsidy costs of the guaranteed loans pursuant to commitments awarded in Fiscal Year 2019.

Date Published: October 2018

Notice CPD-17-04: Reporting Requirements in IDIS for Section 108 Loan Guarantee Recipients

Notice CPD-17-04 covers the reporting requirements in the Integrated Disbursement and Information Online System (IDIS) for Section 108 Loan Guarantee recipients.

Date Published: May 2017

Other Guidance and Resources

HUD Community Planning and Development Monitoring Handbook - 6509.2 REV-7

This Handbook establishes standards and provides guidance for CPD Field Staff to monitor CPD programs and technical functions.

Date Published: October 2019

Financing High-Performance Infrastructure

This fact sheet provides information on how states and local governments can use "green bonds" to fund resilience projects and high-performance infrastructure.

Date Published: July 2016

Public-Sector Loans to Private-Sector Businesses: An Assessment of HUD-Supported Local Economic Development Lending Activities

This report assesses the performance of the third party loans under principal programs that the Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) directs toward economic development: the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program; the Section 108 Program; and the Economic Development Initiative (EDI).

Date Published: July 2003