Running ROSS Step-by-Step

How do referrals to services work in the ROSS program?

Referrals to services will depend on client needs and goals. To be well-positioned to provide fast and relevant referrals for a variety of goals, Service Coordinators should build strong partnerships with local organizations and maintain an up-to-date directory of local and online resources to help clients meet their goals.

For ROSS Service Coordinators who work with a Program Coordinating Committee (PCC), members of the PCC should be the first stop when making referrals. A PCC is an advisory group composed of community organizations such as local businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions and others committed to the success of the program and its participants. Creating a PCC is strongly recommended.

Assessing local resources

For more tips on assessing local resources, including using windshield and walking surveys to identify neighborhood assets, see the Community Tool Box section Assessing Community Needs and Resources.

North Bergen Housing Authority (North Bergen, NJ)

North Bergen Housing Authority
(North Bergen, NJ)                         

The PCC is a required and integral part of the Family Self-Sufficiency program. ROSS Service Coordinators may choose to work with an existing FSS PCC or convene their own PCC. For more detailed information on establishing or managing a ROSS PCC, refer to Collaboration and partnerships  in this guide.

Once a referral has been made, Service Coordinators may want to sit in on the first meeting between their client and the service provider, as this can help resolve any potential obstacles to continued engagement. Service Coordinators should work with residents to ensure they are following up on referrals, answer questions, and resolve any issues that may arise. In some cases, Service Coordinators may find it useful to do some role-playing with residents.

Prior to making a referral to a new service provider, Service Coordinators are encouraged to attempt accessing the service themselves (e.g., using public transportation or completing the intake process) to identify any potential barriers to success.

Community example

See the Fort Worth Housing Solutions ROSS Referral Form for an example of how to initiate and track referrals across agencies.