Running ROSS Step-by-Step

How can Service Coordinators create and maintain a confidential and welcoming environment for residents?

Residents who enroll in the ROSS program may be facing a range of personal issues which require a setting that guarantees confidentiality and feels welcoming. Creating this environment will help nurture trust which is critical for success.

Service Coordinators should assess whether their office environment promotes confidentiality. Residents should be able to have conversations about sensitive topics without fear of being overheard by other residents or property staff. The office should have a door that can be closed during private discussions.  Colleagues can help to test whether conversations are audible with the door closed.  Client files should also be stored in a cabinet that can be locked to avoid the possibility of unauthorized access. Service Coordinators should also secure files when not in use.  (See paragraph below on confidentiality for more information).

Service Coordinators should also think about placement of furniture and other office amenities (plants, posters, photographs) to create an environment that feels welcoming to residents.

Maintaining a high-quality program

See the Community Tool Box section Achieving and Maintaining Quality Performance for more information on Total Quality Management, an approach to creating and maintaining a high-quality program.