What are program efficiency metrics?

Program efficiency metrics show how well the program is operating. They help Service Coordinators gauge whether the program has the necessary infrastructure, policies and procedures in place to support program operations and achievement of desired outcomes. HUD does not require ROSS Service Coordinators to collect data on program efficiency metrics; however, Service Coordinators may choose to do so for internal purposes.

In our example of a ROSS program that works with families with children to improve children’s educational achievement, a program efficiency metric could include:

  • The number of training hours that Service Coordinators receive each year related to early childhood education.

    Ongoing training helps Service Coordinators learn about innovative child education programs that can be used for referrals. Trainings can also help Service Coordinators identify whether a child could benefit from a referral for special needs testing.

Depending on program goals, program efficiency metrics may include:

Springfield Housing Authority (Springfield, IL)

Springfield Housing Authority
(Springfield, IL)
  • Percentage of participants assessed by the Service Coordinator within X days of enrollment.
  • Percentage of planned program activities performed on-time and on budget
  • Amount of matching funds leveraged to provide services.
  • Hours and types of training for new and experienced Service Coordinators.
  • Staffing (e.g., Service Coordinators hired, case load per Service Coordinator).
  • Use of a ROSS Action Plan that describes program processes and procedures.
  • Levels of participant satisfaction with services provided, indicated through questionnaires or comment cards submitted by residents.

While some of these metrics are quantifiable, others are descriptive or qualitative, thus it may or may not be possible to use a program tracking system to generate reports on all program efficiency metrics. For metrics not captured in the system, ROSS Service Coordinators should maintain their own records.