What should Service Coordinators look for in a data tracking system?

HUD requires that grantees use an electronic case management or other tracking system to collect and store information about participant outcomes. Grantees can choose the system that best meets their needs and satisfies minimum requirements for data privacy and security (see below). Case management software often has broader functionality, including a full range of features such as assessment tools and databases to record notes from client meetings and from outside service providers. ROSS grant funds may be used to purchase tracking software.

When selecting an electronic case management or tracking system, ROSS Service Coordinators are encouraged to consider:

  • Does the system capture data that the ROSS service coordinator must collect and report?
  • How user-friendly is the system dashboard, and will it allow the Service Coordinator to quickly and easily enter relevant data points, generate reports, and, with resident permission, share data with service providers?
  • Does the system allow for production of summary or aggregate reports at the desired frequency and level of detail (e.g., summarizing activities and/or results on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or annual basis)?
  • Does the system allow for data-sharing among multiple service providers?
  • Is the cost of the system within budget?
  • Does the maker of the system provide ongoing technical support?
  • Does the system comply with data privacy and security requirements? (see below for more information)

How should Service Coordinators protect residents’ data privacy and security?

In the design, development, and operation of any system of records for ROSS program participants, grantees are required to comply with the Privacy Act of 1974, the HUD rules and regulations issued under the Privacy Act, and any state and local laws concerning the disclosure of records that pertain to individuals. Grantees must take reasonable measures to safeguard client files when reviewing, printing, copying, storing, and sharing client information.

Tracking software

ROSS grantees use a variety of programs to track client outcomes. Some of the programs that PHAs currently use include:

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and only offered for informational purposes, and does not constitute an endorsement by HUD.