When and how should participant data be collected?

Each interaction with program participants is an opportunity to collect data that can be added to a participant’s file. At a minimum, contact points at which Service Coordinators should collect participant data include:

  • Initial intake meeting;
  • Regular participant meetings and assessments; and
  • Annual and interim reexaminations.

Other opportunities for collecting participant data include:

  • Informal interactions where relevant information is exchanged, such as phone calls or office visits;
  • Through periodic surveys, administered in person or electronically (particularly to track qualitative outcomes, such as how healthy a resident feels, or satisfaction with services provided).

Collecting client information from service providers

Download a sample Memorandum of Understanding between the Fort Worth Housing Authority and Community Action Partners that includes an agreement for staff from both agencies to communicate client status on a weekly basis

ROSS Service Coordinators may also share information or enter into data-sharing partnerships with service providers who work with program participants. Case management software allows for this information exchange. Information from partners can be a useful supplement to information collected by the Service Coordinator, helping create a more complete picture of residents’ needs and achievements.

NOTE: Written consent from the resident is needed prior to sharing any written or electronic documents with service providers. All personally identifiable and sensitive information should be stored and shared through secure systems.