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What are the key qualifications expected of new Service Coordinators?

Boston Housing Authority

Boston Housing Authority

When hiring a Service Coordinator, grantees should ensure the job applicant meets these minimum qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, Gerontology, or other social science and/or a minimum of two years of relevant experience in coordinating services for low-income families, senior citizens, and/or people with disabilities;
  2. Knowledge of local, state, and federal public benefits available to eligible low-income families, including youth, senior citizens, and/or people with disabilities;
  3. Experience with legal liability issues relating to providing service coordination;
  4. Experience providing case management and/or coaching to clients;
  5. Demonstrated ability to work with multiple service providers to organize, strategize, and coordinate service delivery;
  6. Experience in recruitment, enrollment, and retention strategies for clients and partners/service providers; and
  7. Experience in developing effective communication strategies to reach low-income youth, adults, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities.

For applicants proposing to serve elderly residents –

  1. Knowledge of the aging process, elder services, and disability services.