What are the core functions of a ROSS Service Coordinator?

Service Coordinators provide a critical link between program participants, local resources that can assist them, and PHA and property staff. Each ROSS Service Coordinator should tailor his or her role to meet participants’ needs, but general functions of all Service Coordinators are listed below. Other modules explain each of these functional areas in greater detail.

Working with Residents: -Recruit new participants. -Conduct needs asseessments. -Facilitate resident goal-setting. -Make referrals to services. Case Management and Coaching: -Work collaboratively with residents to holistically meet their needs. -Use a client-centered approach. -Create and maintain a confidential environment. Collaborating and Forming Partnerships: -Develop and manage ROSS Program Coordinating Committee. -Cultivate service provider parternships. -Generate funding. Measuring Outcomes: -Track program activities. -Monitor participant progress. -Manage data and keep organized records. Program Management and Coordination: -Develop staffing and administrative plans. -Identify training for ROSS Service Coordinators. -Work with PHA leadership and staff.