How can ROSS program funds be used?

ROSS grant funds may be used only for activities and expenses that fall within the scope of the program and that support program goals. This section describes eligible and ineligible uses of grant funds.

Which activities and expenses are eligible uses of ROSS program funds?

Grant funds may only be used for the following purposes:

  1. Service Coordinator salary and fringe benefits, which must be comparable to documented salaries for similar positions at three or more local employers, including the applicant’s organization;
  2. Training and travel related to professional and/or program development of the Service Coordinator, with prior approval of the HUD Field Office or area Office of Native American Programs; and
  3. Administrative costs to support the ROSS program only, including but not limited to:
    • Administrative staff support;
    • Local transportation by Service Coordinators;
    • Stipends for reasonable out-of-pocket costs incurred by participants;
    • Tracking and evaluation;
    • Purchase of office equipment and supplies;
    • Purchase of hardware and software to be made available for all ROSS participants (i.e., in a computer lab or office, and not for individual in-home use);
    • Program outreach;
    • Utilities, including Internet connectivity; and
    • Lease or rental of space for program activities (but not repairs or renovation).

Current funding restrictions and limits

Refer to the current NOFA for funding restrictions and limits.  If grantees have questions about whether an item is an eligible cost, they should consult their local HUD field office

Which activities and expenses may not be paid for with ROSS program funds?

In general, ROSS program funds may only be used for the purposes described above and in the specific NOFA that governs a grantee’s particular grant. In particular, ROSS program funds may not be used to pay for:

  • Direct supportive services, except where allowed under Administrative costs for reasonable out-of-pocket costs incurred by program participants for program-related activities such as local transportation to job training or job interviews, supplemental educational materials, child care expenses, and similar activities.  Grantees should consult with their local HUD field office about whether a particular expense is eligible to be covered;
  • Other public housing agency (PHA) costs, including the salary of an FSS Service Coordinator; and
  • Reimbursing any costs incurred in preparation of the ROSS application.