How can Service Coordinators work effectively with other PHA staff?

Other PHA staff can support the ROSS program without a large time commitment. Programs providing services directly related to the ROSS program include Family Self-Sufficiency, the Jobs Plus Initiative, ConnectHome, or other supportive services programs. Coordinating among programs can be mutually beneficial to all programs and to program participants.

The Service Coordinator should also engage PHA intake and property management staff to increase awareness internally and boost program participation. For example:

Springfield Housing Authority (Springfield, IL)

Springfield Housing Authority
(Springfield, IL)
  • Intake or admissions staff at the PHA may provide new residents with their first opportunity to learn about the ROSS program. Service Coordinators can ensure these staff members are familiar with the program’s goals and eligibility requirements so they can make referrals;
  • PHA staff who regularly interact with residents should be familiar with the ROSS program so they can share information with residents on an ongoing basis;
  • The Service Coordinator can provide PHA staff with information to include in rent statements or other correspondence with residents, helping to build awareness about the program; and
  • Service Coordinators can also prepare articles for the PHA’s newsletter to update staff about resources available through the ROSS program.

A good relationship with property staff can also generate valuable insights for the ROSS Service Coordinator:

  • Property managers may be aware of situations affecting a family’s successful participation in the ROSS program;
    • Similarly, property managers can inform Service Coordinators of any lease violations, planned evictions, or other events involving their program participants. This information could help Service Coordinators troubleshoot with their clients before problems become more serious.
  • Custodial and maintenance staff will be familiar with the physical capacity of the property and amenities available to accommodate service providers;
  • Property staff can be instrumental in helping to plan ROSS program events, including reserving and setting up physical space, and advertising throughout the property;
  • ROSS Service Coordinators are encouraged to invite admissions staff, property managers, custodial staff, and other PHA staff to provide their input during program launch and on an ongoing basis;
  • Service Coordinators can continuously incorporate feedback into program activities, helping build a more effective program;
  • Service Coordinators may want to consider hosting regular staff meetings to facilitate information-sharing and relationship development among all PHA staff who interact with the ROSS program in some way; and

Tips on working with PHA staff

PHA staff will likely have many competing demands on their time and attention. See the Community Tool Box section on Creating and Maintaining Partnerships for tips on working with partners to achieve common goals.

  • Successful coordination between the Service Coordinator and property staff will promote efficient program operations and ensure residents are benefitting from all available resources and support.