How should the PCC be structured?

North Bergen Housing Authority (North Bergen, NJ)

North Bergen Housing Authority
(North Bergen, NJ)

Each ROSS Service Coordinator must determine whether their program goals can be met by working with an existing service network, supplementing that network with an additional group of providers, or whether it would be more effective to establish a new ROSS PCC. Where an existing network satisfies a real need of the ROSS program, the Service Coordinator should strive to work with this group wherever possible. Partnering with an established network helps to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts.

  • Where an existing network of providers fully addresses ROSS program needs, it may be possible for this group to also function as the ROSS PCC. The Service Coordinator should request permission from the FSS Coordinator to use the PCC for the ROSS program. Once agreement is reached, the PCC can prove a valuable resource for ROSS Service Coordinators and the residents they serve.
  • Where an existing network of service providers only partially fulfills ROSS program needs, the Service Coordinator should consider building an expanded PCC of additional providers who can provide the missing services identified in resident needs assessments.

    These two (or more) groups may exist entirely independently of one another, or the Service Coordinator may bring them all together in a variety of ways:

    • As part of a larger, ROSS-focused PCC; or
    • Separately, with regularly scheduled meetings.If this method is selected, the Service Coordinator should plan an annual or semi-annual meeting where all service providers convene to discuss program needs and outcomes.
  • Where there is no existing network of service providers focused on the needs of ROSS program participants, Service Coordinators may wish to invite providers to participate in a newly established ROSS PCC. This option is discussed in more detail in the next section.