How often should Service Coordinators meet with PCC members?

Regular PCC meetings will help educate service providers about the ROSS program and the needs of its participants. Meeting regularly should also help build providers’ interest in helping the ROSS program succeed.

  • When working with an existing PCC or other network of providers, the Service Coordinator will have to adhere to the network’s established calendar. More established PCCs typically hold meetings on a quarterly or biannual basis.

PCC meeting agenda

Download a sample agenda for an initial meeting of a ROSS PCC.

  • When working with a stand-alone or supplemental PCC, Service Coordinators should initially establish a schedule that calls for frequent meetings (e.g., on a monthly basis). Service Coordinators should establish a meeting schedule that allows them to build relationships and obtain the resources and guidance they need, while keeping meetings to a frequency that is sustainable for ROSS PCC members.

Service Coordinators are also encouraged to connect with members outside regular ROSS PCC meetings – by phone or email, or through in-person meetings. One-on-one interactions create an opportunity for the Service Coordinator to strengthen key relationships and can address providers’ questions or concerns about the program or participants’ needs.  These one-on-one meetings also offer an opportunity for ROSS Service Coordinators to relay feedback received from participants. It’s also a good idea to hold meetings at a provider’s location.  Onsite meetings help the Service Coordinator become familiar with the location, learn about viable public transit options, and gain other insights to be shared with ROSS program participants when making a referral.