Collaboration and Partnerships

North Bergen Housing Authority (North Bergen, NJ)

North Bergen Housing Authority
(North Bergen, NJ)

Referrals are at the core of the ROSS Service Coordinator program. A strong cohort of partners who can meet residents’ needs is key to running a successful program. This module describes how Service Coordinators can identify and work with service providers to strengthen the ROSS program and help clients access the supports they need to make progress toward their goals. This module covers:

  • The benefits of working with a group of service providers, including an existing Program Coordinating Committee (PCC);
  • Options for creating a ROSS PCC;
  • Strategies for maintaining and growing partnerships with PCC members;
  • Tips for identifying other community- and web-based services;
  • Strategies for building partnerships with employment programs and other organizations that support workforce development;
  • Building partnerships with organizations that serve elderly people and persons with disabilities; and
  • Tips for generating funding to build and strengthen the ROSS program.