List of Affordable Housing Organizations with Commitments to On-Site Renewable Energy


Organization Name and Website

Commitment to Install Renewable Energy on Federally Assisted Housing Properties by 2020

Affirmed Housing Group

0.998 mW

Allegheny County Housing Authority

1.4902 mW

Asheville Housing Authority

1 mW

Bayview Community Development Corporation

0.4 mW

Black Rock Solar

11 mW

Boulder Housing Authority

1.518 mW

BRIDGE Housing

1.8 mW

Cambridge Housing Authority

0.8 mW

Chelsea Investment Corporation     

6.75 mW

Chicago Housing Authority

4 mW

Coachella Valley Housing Corporation

3.445 mW

Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation

0.734 mW

Community Advancement Corporation

0.255 mW

Community Housing Partners

0.077 mW

Community Housing Works

4.621 mW

Community Power Network

1 mW

Corporation for Better Housing

2 mW

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority


Denver Housing Authority

2.5 mW

District of Columbia Housing Authority

0.962 mW

EAH Housing

10 mW

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation

1 mW

Enterprise Community Partners

16 mW

Essex Plaza Management Company


Fresno Housing Authority

0.5 mW

Global Green USA

1 mW

GRID Alternatives

100 mW

Harmony Neighborhood Development


Hispanic Housing Development Corporation

0.6 mW

Horizon Development/Preservation Partners

0.45 mW

Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles

0.5 mW

Innovative Housing Opportunities

0.11 mW

King County Housing Authority

0.03 mW

Knox County Housing Authority

0.176 mW

Levy Affiliated

0.561 mW

LINC Housing

0.826 mW

Los Angeles County Housing Authority

0.5 mW

Many Mansions

1.073 mW

Mercy Housing

3 mW

Metro West Housing Authority (aka Lakewood Housing Authority)

0.494 mW

MidPen Housing

3.781 mW

Mutual Housing California

0.486 mW

National Community Renaissance of California


National Housing Trust

0.5 mW

New Bedford Housing Authority


New Bedford Housing Authority


New York City Housing Authority

25 mW

Palm Communities

2.959 mW

Park, Inc


People's Self Help Housing

1.735 mW

Preservation of Affordable Housing

1.12 mW


100 mW

Rural Ulster Preservation Company

1.11 mW

Saint Paul Housing Authority

0.4 mW

San Antonio Housing Authority

0.028 mW

San Diego Youth Services

0.22 mW

Santa Barbara County Housing Authority

0.167 mW

Standard Property Company

1.402 mW

Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF)

4 mW

Tampa Housing Authority

0.595 mW

The Core Companies

0.208 mW

The Reliant Group

0.229 mW

Urban Housing Communities

0.790 mW

Vistula Management Company

.05 mW


0.693 mW

Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation

0.251 mW


4 mW

Yolo County Housing Authority

0.9 mW

York Housing Authority

0.142 mW