HUD Brochures

These brochures provide general information about your rights under the URA when your real estate (real property) is acquired, or when you are forced to move from your home, business, or farm as a direct result of the acquisition, rehabilitation or demolition of real property for a federally-funded project.



Other Publications

MAP-21 Update: The material on this web page may not reflect the MAP-21 URA updates. Refer to Notice CPD-14-09 for MAP-21 implementation guidance.

Developing Projects with HOME Funds: Ten Things You Need to Know About Relocation and the Uniform Act (URA) But Might Have Been Afraid to Ask

This booklet highlights ten key URA relocation requirements and concepts for nonprofit organizations and others developing HOME funded affordable housing projects. It does not contain everything you need to know about relocation, or for that matter, real estate acquisition requirements under the URA or other applicable federal requirements for HUD programs and projects.

Date Published: April 2011

Planning and Budgeting Relocation Costs for HUD-Funded Projects

This guide illustrates the process of planning for and budgeting project relocation costs in connection with a program or project funded by HUD. It also provides valuable information on how to estimate the potential costs of relocation assistance and payments for projects that displace persons from their homes, businesses, or farms under the URA and displacement of residential tenants covered under section 104(d) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974.

Date Published: April 2009