Small Area Fair Market Rents

On November 16, 2016, HUD published the Small Area Fair Market Rents (SAFMR) Final Rule. The rule provides that in lieu of determining Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) payment standards using a metropolitan area-wide FMR, payment standards will use FMRs calculated for ZIP codes within metropolitan areas. The metropolitan areas identified to use ZIP code-based FMRs are those metropolitan areas with both significant voucher concentration challenges and market conditions where establishing FMRs by ZIP code areas has the potential to significantly increase opportunities for voucher families. The use of SAFMRs is expected to give HCV tenants access to areas of high opportunity and lower poverty areas by providing a subsidy that is adequate to cover rents in those areas, thereby reducing the number of voucher families that reside in areas of high poverty concentration. This page contains information to support the implementation of SAFMRs.


SAFMRs for Metropolitan Areas and Relevant Notices

This page allows users to look up SAFMRs and view notices of proposed and final rulemaking.


This document provides Frequently Asked Questions about SAFMRs.

Date Published: May 2018

Implementing HUD's SAFMRs Rule Training Slides

This slide presentation accompanies the in-person training Implementing Small Area Fair Market Rents (SAFMRs) for the HCV Program. The in-person training covers the following topics: SAFMR rule, how to set and adjust payment standards, and communication strategies.

Date Published: March 2018

Implementing SAFMRs Implementation Guidebook

This guidebook provides guidance and practical examples for public housing agencies (PHAs) implementing SAFMRs. The guidebook covers topics such as: the policy background around SAFMRs, how SAFMRs will affect payment standards, as well as administrative and programmatic impacts of the rule.

Date Published: March 2018

Case Studies: Plano, Texas and Cook County, Illinois

These case studies take a look at the experiences of two Housing Authorities – one in Plano, Texas, and another in Cook County, Illinois – implementing SAFMRs in HUD's SAFMRs Demonstration. Case studies include lessons learned and the programmatic impacts of implementing SAFMRs.

Date Published: March 2018

Sample Implementation Documents

These sample implementation documents are provided to public housing agencies implementing SAFMRs for their modification and use. The documents include sample letters, worksheets and checklists that were developed by public housing agencies participating in the SAFMRs Demonstration.

Date Published: March 2018

Webcast: Implementing HUD's SAFMRs Rule

This webcast is an hour long presentation that describes the rules, requirements and considerations for implementing HUD's Small Area Fair Market Rents (SAFMRs) Rule. Short video clips of the webcast, by topic, are also available for viewing.

Date Published: March 2018

Guidance on Recent Changes in FMR, Payment Standard, and Rent Reasonableness Requirements in the Housing Choice Voucher Program - Notice PIH 2018-01 (HA)

This Notice provides guidance on the regulatory provisions implemented under the SAFMRs Final rule. In addition to affecting how FMRs are calculated in certain designated metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), the final rule makes changes to payment standard and rent reasonableness requirements that apply to all PHAs administering the HCV program, regardless of whether the PHAs operate in an area where SAFMRs have been adopted.

Date Published: January 2018