Public Housing Resident Organizing and Participation Toolkit

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Tenant Participation Funds

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HUD provides funding to public housing authorities for resident participation activities. The housing authority then passes along funding to duly-elected resident councils.

Your duly-elected resident council must have a written agreement with the PHA to receive funding. The Sample Resident Council and PHA Tenant Participation Funds Agreement along with the Budget and Workplan Template can be adapted for your resident council.

The Tenant Participation Funds Decision Support Tool can be used by the resident council to make decisions regarding the appropriate and best use of tenant participation funds. See Guide 9: Tenant Participation Funds for related information.

These documents are provided for informational purposes only and are not official, or required, HUD documents.

HUD strongly recommends that housing authorities and resident councils consult their own lawyers before signing any legal document, including this sample Agreement. Your state laws or other factors may affect this agreement. Local bar associations, law schools, or legal aid societies may be able to help.