Public Housing Resident Organizing and Participation Toolkit

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Sample Resident Council Documents

A stack of tagged papers and document books

These documents are created so that they can be adapted for your specific needs, saved, printed, and shared with your members.

In adapting the sample bylaws, you will want to refer to the Guide to Creating Public Housing Resident Council Bylaws. The sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Procedures each have a section at the beginning to guide you through the process. You can then print the documents so that they stand alone. All of these documents are meant to work together to create a full set of operating documents.

The sample forms and notices are provided to support your resident council in carrying out the bylaws and procedures. In particular, they include all the forms and notices you should need to hold board and membership meetings and resident council elections.

These documents are provided for informational purposes only and are not official, or required, HUD documents.

HUD strongly recommends that housing authorities and resident councils consult their own lawyers before signing any legal document, including the samples below. Your state laws or other factors may affect this agreement. Local bar associations, law schools, or legal aid societies may be able to help.