Public Housing Resident Organizing and Participation Toolkit

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Guide 2: Engaging Residents and Representing Resident Interests


Engaging residents in a resident council and ensuring that the council represents everyone’s interests is an ongoing task. It’s important that everyone knows what the resident council is working on, how they can participate, and that participation is easy. For those who do participate, it’s critical that they are engaged in decision-making, that their interests are met, and that their skills are utilized.

Key Points

  • Engaging residents can be done through one-on-one meetings, interactive decision-making, committees, and tasks
  • Make it easy for people to participate with an accessible location and time and by providing support like interpretation and childcare
  • Engage people and build new leaders through activities, committees, and training
  • Create goals that respond to peoples’ needs and interests
  • Get the resident council involved in activities beyond your property through a jurisdiction-wide resident council, Resident Advisory Board, and training

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