NSP Disposition Toolkit

NSP disposition tools are intended for grantees and their partners seeking guidance and best practices for disposing of NSP properties. These tools have been developed over the past several years in response to the needs of NSP grantees. HUD continues to develop material that can help communities achieve their NSP goals.

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General Best Practices

HUD NSP Policy Alert: Guidance on NSP Disposition and Demolition

Guidance on how grantees can use NSP funds to demolish and dispose of troubled properties

Date Published: March 2013

What Now Series - NSP Webinar 4: Best Practices Peer to Peer and Experts Roundtable

Peer to peer discussion with different types of grantees and discussion of how they have dealt with the problems of disposing of inventory

Date Published: April 2012

Determining Sales Price NSP Webinar

Webinar with guidance on the crucial steps necessary in determining an accurate sales price for NSP properties

Date Published: December 2011

NSP Problem Solving Clinics April - July 2012: Disposition Strategies - Presentation Slides

Presentation that provides an overview of the disposition process and reviews a variety of disposition strategies, from marketing and lease purchase to demolition and land banking, and recommends ways to develop an effective disposition strategy

Date Published: August 2012


Guide to Marketing and Selling NSP Homes

Guidance on marketing and selling NSP homes that were developed or renovated using NSP funds — includes an adaptable sample marketing plan and budget

Date Published: September 2010

Marketing and Disposition Strategies for NSP Properties Webinar

Webinar with guidance on disposition and a variety of strategies that deal with marketing or otherwise disposing of NSP lots and houses

Date Published: May 2013

What Now? Series - NSP Webinar 1: Marketing and Disposition

Webinar with an overview of the approaches that grantees can employ to sell or make use of units within their inventory; this includes techniques that grantees should take to market properties they currently have, including examples of successful marketing strategies

Date Published: March 2012

Marketing NSP Properties Webinar

Webinar with strategies to evaluate a market to determine the best marketing methods, ways to focus marketing efforts on qualified people, as well as various marketing scenarios and programs that grantees have used and may be applicable to other markets

Date Published: March 2011

NSP Problem Solving Clinics December 2010 - February 2011: NSP Marketing - Presentation Slides

Webinar with an overview of analyzing housing market data, developing a marketing plan, and complying with affirmative marketing requirements

Date Published: December 2010

Scattered Site Rental Housing

What Now? Series - NSP Webinar 2: Scattered Site Rental

Webinar with a focus on providing guidance to grantees that are new to scattered-site rental; presenters provide participants with useful strategies to transition a program's focus from homeownership to rental

Date Published: April 2012

Land Banking

Example of Acquisition and Disposition Process Map for Land Banking

Visual representations of the acquisition and disposition processes for properties for land banking

Date Published: September 2010

What Now? Series - Webinar 3: Land Banking and NSP Strategies and Actions

Webinar that covers the keys to a successful land bank, including holding and maintenance, innovative interim uses, and eligible end uses

Date Published: April 2012