NSP Investment Cluster (NIC) Reports

The NSP Investment Cluster (NIC) study analyzes how markets treated with a concentration of NSP investment have changed over time compared to similar markets that have only minimally or not been touched by NSP. These findings are then displayed in a series of maps and reports at the cluster level and at the grantee level. NIC cluster level maps and reports compare variables such as home sales, vacancies, demographic characteristics, and FHA lending and REO. NIC grantee reports provide a summary of NSP activity and NIC performance scores by activity. These tools can assist grantees and HUD in understanding how markets in which they are investing are changing over time, and how certain types of investment might affect NSP target areas.

NSP Cluster Level Reports

The NIC Cluster Level Reports and Map are available on PolicyMap.

Screenshot of NIC Cluster Level Reports on Policy Map

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NSP Investment Cluster (NIC) Reports

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