NSP Demolition Toolkit

Demolition tools are intended for grantees and their partners using NSP funds to demolish blighted properties.

Find By Implementation Step

Program Setup

Toolkit resources categorized in the Program Setup phase are intended for use in the planning and program design phase of NSP projects. Resources include sample policies and procedures, program manuals, checklists, and sample agreements.

Soliciting and Selecting Project Partners

NSP Sample RFP for Demolition Contractors

Adaptable Request for Proposals (RFP) for use in soliciting demolition contractors to create an official bidders list

Date Published: September 2010

Demolition Process

HUD, NSP, and the Demolition Process - Detailed

Detailed, step-by-step guidance on the demolition process and procedures builds on basic guidance document

Date Published: September 2010

HUD, NSP and the Demolition Process - Basic

General guidance and procedures for implementing and administering NSP programs that include demolition as part of their strategy

Date Published: August 2010

Acquisition of Properties

Toolkit resources categorized in the Acquisition of Properties phase are intended for use by grantees and their partners who are using NSP funds to acquire property. Resources deal with such issues as property research, URA compliance, tenant protection and relocation, environmental review and more.

General Guidance on Property Acquisition

NSP Property Acquisition Guide

Guide to complying with NSP requirements related to property acquisition

Date Published: September 2010

Sample NSP Property Acquisition File Checklist

Index of documents to be included in a paper file for a property being acquired under NSP

Date Published: September 2010

NEPA Environmental Review

NSP Site-Specific Project Checklist for NEPA Compliance Review

Sample checklist to be adapted for the site-specific clearance that comprises Phase II of the NSP Environmental Assessment

Date Published: October 2010

NEPA Environmental Review Checklist for NSP

Guidance document on National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements and the environmental review process — includes required environmental review documents

Date Published: September 2010

NSP Sample Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and Request Release for Funds (RROF)

Sample FONSI and RROF to be adapted and issued prior to signing a demolition contract

Date Published: September 2010

Pre-Demolition Site Inspection

Example of Survey Form for Demolition Site Inspection

Example of a survey form to be filled out by a site inspector prior to demolition activities

Date Published: September 2010

Site Inspector Agreement

Sample Contract for Site Inspector

Adaptable written agreement for use with contractor who will perform on-site inspections of a property prior to demolition

Date Published: September 2010

Verification of Property Ownership

Example of Homeownership Documents for Demolition for NSP

Examples of the following documents, which are needed to verify ownership of a property prior to demolition: Quitclaim Deed; Jurisdictional Transfer Affidavit; Quiet Title Request; Quiet Title Judgment; Title Commitment

Date Published: October 2010