NSP Closeout Process and Guidance

Are You Ready to Closeout?

Have virtually all of the grant funds in the Line of Credit been drawn in DRGR?


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  • Monthly NSP Expenditure Report: This report contains cumulative expenditure data for each NSP grantee. It is updated monthly and is based on what has been entered as expended in the QPR, not on what has actually been drawn.

  • DRGR MicroStrategy Reports: Use DRGR reports such as Fin Rept07b to determine what has been drawn in DRGR from the Line of Credit and how much program income has been receipted and drawn.

  • NSP Program Income Transfer Instructions and Forms: These documents provide instructions and templates for transferring program income from NSP as authorized by the Notice of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program: Changes to Closeout Requirements related to Program Income (Program Income Notice) published June 14, 2016 (FR 5933-N-01). Program income transfers can help grantees draw down any remaining Line of Credit funds.