NSP Closeout Process and Guidance

Are You Ready to Closeout?

Is the financial data, National Objective data (i.e. beneficiaries and accomplishments), and address information (including affordability periods) in DRGR accurate and aligned with grantee internal records? In other words, has all DRGR data been reconciled and does it tell a complete and accurate story?


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  • NSP Policy Alert: Clarification of Requirements for Quarterly Performance Reports: This policy alert addresses the minimum requirements for QPR submissions, explains a simplified process for a grantee to catch up on missed QPRs, describes how HUD Field Offices handle missed QPRs, and identifies the required data needed for a QPR to be considered a final report.

  • DRGR MicroStrategy Reports: Use DRGR reports such as Fin Rept07b and Fin Rept03b to compare DRGR data with internal records so adjustments can be made as needed.

  • Preparing for NSP Closeout Using DRGR Reports Webinar: This webinar for NSP 1, 2, and 3 grantees provides guidance on how to use DRGR reports to prepare for closeout.

  • NSP Data Clean-Up Reports Guidance: The NSP Data Clean-Up Financial and Performance reports in the DRGR Reports Module are available as a reference to correct data errors and prepare for closeout relating to two of the three priorities for final QPRs.

  • NSP Final Performance Reports Guidance: The Final Performance Report can be downloaded from the DRGR Reports Module that aggregates all activities from a grantee's QPRs into one report, including those that are closed or have not input any data in the past quarter.

  • Preparing QPRs for NSP Closeout Webinar: This webinar focuses on grantee QPRs and preparing for final QPR submission to HUD and provides answers to common DRGR questions.

  • DRGR Fact Sheets, Tips, and Tools: These resources assist NSP and CDBG-DR grantees, technical assistance providers, and Field Office representatives in designing, implementing, and maintaining DRGR.