NSP Closeout Guidance

This guidance will help grantees prepare and complete the closeout process.

Before any grantee begins the closeout process, it should consider the follow questions:

  1. Are virtually all funds drawn from the Line of Credit?
  2. Have all projects that have any Line of Credit Funds in them met a National Objective? (Typically this means an eligible person or family is living in the unit or house)
  3. Has an amount equal to at least 25% of the original grant been spent on housing individuals at or below 50% of the Area Medium Income?
  4. Do all NSP properties have mechanisms in place (such as liens) to ensure continued affordability?
  5. Is DRGR in order and does it tell a complete and accurate story?

And if you have a Land Bank:

  1. Do you have a Land Bank Plan to obligate each Land Bank property for a specific, eligible redevelopment that meets NSP requirements within 10 Years?





The materials below will help grantees and field offices closeout NSP grants.

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Guides and Notices

NSP Grant Closeout Overview

This overview summarizes the steps to closing out and identifies resources to assist with closing out NSP grants.

Date Published: September 2016

NSP Closeout Guide

This document offers guidance to grant recipients on closing out NSP1, NSP2, and NSP3 grants.

Date Published: April 2014

NSP Closeout Notice

This Notice describes applied closeout requirements and regulatory waviers for NSP1, NSP2, and NSP3 grantees.

Date Published: November 2012

Notice CPD-14-02: Closeout Instructions for CDBG Programs Grants

This Notice provides policy guidance and procedural instructions for CPD Field Offices and NSP grantees on how to close out an NSP Grant. The document also provides guidance for the following other grants: State/Entitlement CDBG, CDBG-DR, and CDBG-R.

Date Published: February 2014

Closeout Forms

Listed below are Word and PDF versions of documents grantees need to close out an NSP grant. The resources also contain links to videos with instructions on how to fill out the forms or in the case of the closeout checklist, an annotated version of the checklist.

NOTE: No language can be changed in any of the forms without prior approval from HUD HQ. The only exception is the Closeout Agreement, where the field office may only remove sections that are not relevant to the NSP grant being closed out. 

NSP Closeout Cover Letter - Attachment A

This letter is the cover letter NSP grantees should include with their grant closeout package.

Date Published: June 2014

NSP Closeout Certification - Attachment B

This document is the certification form that NSP grantees should include with their grant closeout package.

Date Published: June 2014

NSP Closeout Checklist - Attachment C

This document contains the checklist for NSP grantees submitting their grant closeout package.

Date Published: June 2014

NSP Closeout Agreement - Attachment D

This document is the grant closeout agreement that NSP grantees should include with their grant closeout agreement.

Date Published: June 2014

NSP Management Plan for Continued Affordability - Attachment E

This document is the Management Plan for Continued Affordability that NSP grantees should submit with their grant closeout package.

Date Published: June 2014


NSP Land Banks - Formal and Informal: Property Disposition Strategies

This webinar discusses Land Banks for NSP grantees who are operating Land Banks – either formally or informally.

Date Published: February 2018

NSP: Live Open Forum Q&A

This webinar gives NSP grantees and all NSP affiliates the opportunity to ask the questions they have about NSP rules, regulations, or any other current issues of interest in a real-time dialogue.

Date Published: January 2018

NSP Webinar Series: Long-Term Rental Oversight

This webinar covers rental administration and trouble-shooting for challenging projects. While many grantees have rental components in their programs, they may not have plans for long-term compliance.

Date Published: November 2017

NSP Webinar Series: Long-Term Rental Oversight - Part II

This webinar focuses on implementation of long-term compliance requirements through policies, procedures, and systems. It includes exercises in using and reviewing a sample Annual Owner Certification form and making compliance determinations.

Date Published: December 2017

NSP Closeout Webinar

This webinar describes the requirements for closing an NSP grant after all activities have been completed and national objectives have been met. It also discusses the process for closing a grant. The session covers the technical corrections contained in the NSP Closeout Notice, including changes to disposition of NSP-acquired property, use of program income before and after closeout, and land banks.

Date Published: December 2012

NSP Closeout Instructions Webinar - Part 1

This webinar is intended for NSP 1, 2, and 3 grantees and reviews closeout instructions.

Date Published: February 2014

NSP Closeout Instructions Webinar - Part 2

This webinar is for NSP 1, 2, and 3 grantees and covers the closeout criteria in more detail while providing guidance to grantees on how they can start preparing for closeout by reviewing the status of activities, DRGR reporting, and internal records.

Date Published: April 2014

NSP Closeout Instructions Webinar - Part 3

This webinar is designed to assist grantees in understanding the closeout instructions. This webinar is for NSP 1, 2, and 3 grantees and covers special topics such as strategies for spending down lines of credit, post-closeout issues such as program income, land banks, and reporting, concerns unique to NSP2/3 and State grantees, and others.

Date Published: May 2014

Preparing QPRs for NSP Closeout Webinar

This webinar focuses on grantee QPRs and preparing for final QPR submission to HUD, and also reviews common DRGR questions and provides answers.

Date Published: May 2014

Data Clean-Up and Final Performance Reports

Data Clean-Up Reports Guidance

The NSP Data Clean-Up Financial and Performance reports in the DRGR Reports Module (MicroStrategy) are available as a reference to correct data errors and prepare for closeout relating to two of the three priorities for final QPRs. The two priorities addressed in the new reports are 1) National Objective compliance and 2) Financial data accuracy. HUD field offices and NSP grantees can use the reports to identify NSP grantee data errors to ensure NSP financial, accomplishment, and beneficiary data is complete and accurate. Grantees should begin preparing immediately to correct data errors and reconcile against their own recordkeeping system to make the NSP closeout process more manageable.

Date Published: September 2018

Final Performance Reports Guidance

The Final Performance Report can be downloaded from the DRGR Reports Module (MicroStrategy) that aggregates all activities from a grantee’s QPRs into one report, including those that are closed or have not input any data in the past quarter. After a grantee closes out its grant, the document will become available to the public, until that time the report will assist grantees and HUD field offices to help determine a grantee’s readiness to closeout.

Date Published: September 2018