Congressional Grants: Neighborhood Initiative Grants

Who May Apply

Congress has not appropriated any funding for this project since 2010.

Only the entity named by Congress in each HUD Conference Report for the relevant fiscal year, may apply for and receive Neighborhood Initiative grant funds. The entity named in that Conference Report will receive an invitation and application from the Department for the grant.

Upon receipt of the application, the Department will review the application to ensure that the entity named by Congress will act as the grantee and that the proposed activities are consistent with the terms of the Appropriation Act and accompanying Conference Report for the relevant fiscal year.

Following that review, the Department awards the grant to the entity named in the Conference Report.

What Regulations Apply

These Federal regulations DO APPLY to your grant:

  • For State and Local Governments and Indian Tribal Governments, these regulations are 24 CFR Part 85 and OMB Circulars A-87 and A-133
  • For Academic Institutions, Hospitals, and Non-Profit Organizations, these regulations are 24 CFR Part 84 and OMB Circulars A-122 and A-133
  • For all applicants, 24 CFR Part 58 concerning environmental review of your project

Please note: No HUD or non-HUD funds may be committed to a project and no EDI-SP grant funds may be drawn down for the project until the required environmental review has been completed. Please refer to HUD's Environment web page for more information about this requirement.

The following Federal regulations DO NOT APPLY to your grant:

  • HUD regulations for the competitive Economic Development Initiative and the Community Development Block Grant Programs
  • Davis-Bacon requirements, unless your project is also supported by other funds which do require adherence to the Davis-Bacon Act