NFHTA Frequently Asked Questions

The National Fair Housing Training Academy (NFHTA) is the Nation’s premier initiative focused squarely on building the knowledge, skills, and capacity of HUD’s FHIP- and FHAP-funded state, local, and private organization partners.

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The Academy offers a variety of resources to FHIP and FHAP partners including forums and instructor led courses.

In addition, the NFHTA Resource Library contains collections of resources that aim to assist those working to end housing discrimination in communities across the Nation.

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About Instructor Led Courses

Eligibility and Course Requirements

Participants must be staff at a Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP) or Fair Housing Assistance Program (FHAP) partner agency to attend Academy courses.


Specific participant eligibility per course is outlined below:

Basics of Fair Housing

Participants should be an intake officer, investigator, supervisor, or attorney who has 2 years or less of experience working for a FHIP or FHAP.

Fundamentals of Fair Housing – Intake

Participants should have less than 3 years of experience working at a FHIP or FHAP. Participants should support intake activities.

Fundamentals of Fair Housing – FHAP Investigation

Participants should have less than 3 years of experience working at a FHIP or FHAP. Participants should support investigation activities.

Litigating Fair Housing Cases

Participants should have at least 3 years of fair housing experience or comparable civil rights experience. Participants should also be licensed attorneys or legal assistants.

Each course has a maximum of 60 participants.

Each of the following courses will include 30 participants from FHIP partner agencies and 30 participants from FHAP partner agencies:

Participants can expect a diverse mix of FHIPs and FHAPs in the following courses:

Each course will facilitate dialogue between FHIPs and FHAPs. The content is designed to bridge any knowledge gaps between the agencies.

Participants are required to commit to attend all classes for the course for which they are approved to attend and complete any pre-work and homework assignments.

Each course consists of 4 training days lasting 3 hours each.

Any pre-work or homework assignments should take no more than an hour to complete.

Registration and Selection

To register for a course, follow the following instructions:

  1. Visit the NFHTA Event Calendar.
  2. Select Register Now for the course for which you want to register.
  3. Select Register Now on the course page.
  4. Log into your HUD Exchange account or create an account by clicking on the Create Account.
  5. After logging in, the course detail page in HUD Exchange Learn will appear.
  6. In the Scheduled Classes section, select Enroll.

You will receive an automatic email indicating that your registration request was received. Please note that this does not confirm your eligibility to attend the course.

View additional information about registering for courses in HUD Exchange Learn.

Yes, as long as they meet all of the participant criteria and requirements and can commit to attend the full course and complete any pre-work or homework.

Each course consists of 4 training days lasting 3 hours each.

Any pre-work or homework assignments should take no more than an hour to complete.

Yes. Each course is tailored to fit the current needs of FHIP and FHAP staff around the country.

Participants are selected on a first come, first served based upon the course eligibility criteria. Once the class is full, participants are added to a waitlist. The NFHTA registrar will reach out to participants on the waitlist when a spot becomes available.

Due to limited capacity and to encourage agency and regional diversity for each course, we are limiting registration to one staff member per agency per course. Unique staff and agencies are prioritized on a first come, first served basis.

If your agency prefers to send a different staff member in place of an already registered or approved participant, please email the name of both staff members to

If you cannot attend the course, or do not meet the participant eligibility criteria, notify us as soon as possible so we can offer your seat to someone on the waitlist.

If you are approved to attend the course, you will receive a confirmation email from the NFHTA registrar confirming your eligibility to attend the course within two weeks of submitting a registration request. You will then receive further instructions on how to log into the course and complete any pre-work.

If you are ineligible to attend the course, you will receive a declined email from the NFHTA registrar.

If you were declined a seat in the course due to full capacity, but you meet the course eligibility requirements, you will receive an email notifying that you were put on the waitlist.

If you were put on the waitlist, you will be notified within 1-2 weeks prior to the course date if a seat opens up.

If you are a FHIP or FHAP partner agency staff member and received a declined email and did not receive a waitlist notification, we were most likely unable to confirm your status as a FHIP or FHAP partner agency staff.

If you are FHIP or FHAP staff, reply to the declined email within 1 business day using your agency email address. This will confirm for us that you are agency staff. If you do not have an agency email address or your agency email address has not been set up yet, you can ask a colleague with an agency email address to email us confirming you are staff.

Yes. Each approved participant will be asked to submit a background form indicating any accessibility needs.

All Academy courses are free for FHIP and FHAP partner agency staff.


While NFHTA does not offer official CLE credits, each participant who attends the full course will receive a certificate of completion.

All participants who attend the full course will receive a certificate of completion within two weeks after the conclusion of the course.

To access your certificate of completion or full NFHTA transcript, follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to My HUD Exchange.
  2. If you are prompted, log into your HUD Exchange Account.
  3. Select “View trainings I’ve completed” in the “Training & Events” box.
  4. Select the “Export” button at the top right of the screen.
  5. Select the desired “Export” format and select the “Export” button.


In addition to instruction from expert fair housing professionals and networking opportunities, each participant enrolled in an instructor led course will receive the following:

  • Course Agenda
  • Participant Reference Guide
  • Course Slides

Additional resources may be shared depending on the course and instructors.

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About National Fair Housing Forums

To learn more about 2022 National Fair Housing Forums, visit the NFHTA Event Calendar and subscribe to the NFHTA Mailing List.


Forums are open to the public. Anyone is eligible to attend.


All forums are free to attend.

Technical Difficulties

It is recommended to use the Google Chrome web browser for optimal viewing. The Forum video stream will also support all other internet browsers and mobile streaming on Android and Apple devices.

  1. Please check your volume settings on your computer. Ensure that your audio settings are not muted, and the volume slider is turned up.
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You can adjust the layout of your screen to meet your viewing preferences. Click the view button on the top right of your screen to adjust your Zoom layout. It is recommended that you select Side-by-Side: Gallery to view the slides and speaker webcams together. You can also select Speaker view if you would only like to see the active speaker’s webcam in a larger window.

If you experience technical difficulties with audio or video at any time during the event, we recommend that you first sign out of the meeting and sign back in. If you are still having trouble, we ask that you request help in the Q&A Box located on the Zoom Panel section on the bottom of your screen.

For further assistance, please send an email to

Yes, to access Closed Captioning, click the Closed Caption button at the bottom of your screen and then click to show subtitles.

The archived video, transcript and other related materials will be available 1-2 weeks after the forum.