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About the NFHTA Digest

The National Fair Housing Training Academy (NFHTA) is the Nation’s premier initiative focused squarely on building the knowledge, skills, and capacity of HUD’s FHIP and FHAP organization partners. In addition to National Fair Housing Forums and Instructor Led Courses, NFHTA also produces a bi-monthly Digest that provides FHIPs and FHAPs with featured fair housing content, useful tips and tricks from NFHTA Academy Faculty, and other relevant fair housing information.

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In this issue of the Digest you will find...

  • Highlights and Materials from the October National Fair Housing Forum
  • Interview with Karlo Ng, Director on Gender-based Violence Prevention and Equity, Office of the Secretary, HUD
  • Pro Tips for Navigating Sensitive Investigations
  • Upcoming NFHTA Courses, Forums, and Other HUD-funded Events

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Digest Collection

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