The National Fair Housing Training Academy (NFHTA) is the Nation’s premier initiative focused squarely on building the knowledge, skills, and capacity of HUD’s FHIP and FHAP organization partners.

Reimagined in early 2020, the Academy is deeply grounded in the needs and wisdom of fair housing practitioners in the field—those working to end housing discrimination in communities across the Nation.

Through its widely varied efforts, NFHTA plays an essential role in developing skilled practitioners who are ready to ensure opportunity for all.

National Fair Housing Forums

Forums are online conversations designed to allow multi-directional conversations between HUD and its FHIP and FHAP partners around emerging fair housing issues regarding processing complaints, conducting investigations, and managing agencies. Topics will evolve based on partner needs and interests, and will include conversations on race, assistance animals, accessibility, design and construction, testing, and governance.

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Instructor Led Courses

Academy courses provide FHIP and FHAP fair housing practitioners with a foundational overview of fair housing laws and provisions of the Fair Housing Act (and its implementing regulations). All courses engage practitioners from across the country in practical skill-building exercises, allowing them to share lessons learned and dialogue about the benefits of working together to end housing discrimination for all.

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