Multifamily Housing Program Financial Management Toolkit

Knowledge Check – Procurement

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1. The reason for Federal competitive procurement requirements is:

A. Ensure that supplies, equipment and services are acquired efficiently.
B. Help guarantee a ‘fair’ price for items or services bought with Federal funds.
C. Give the public confidence in the procurement practices of Federal assistance programs.
D. Allow more firms, particularly local firms, small businesses and minority- or women-owned businesses to have an opportunity to compete for work under Federal programs.
E. All of the above.

2. Procurement procedures are determined based on how expensive a purchase is expected to be.


3. A cost or price analysis and documentation of the procurement process is only required for major purchases.


4. A governmental grantee or sub-recipient is justified in breaking up a procurement into components of $150,000 or less to utilize the ‘small purchase’ procedures if the procurement process for each purchase is still competitive.


5. Conflict of interests occur when a staff member of a HUD grantee or sub-recipient participates in the award of a contract with all of the following individuals EXCEPT:

A. An immediate family member
B. Someone who is about to begin employment with the organization
C. A former employee who has no financial interest in the firm
D. The employee’s partner