Multifamily Housing Program Financial Management Toolkit

4d. Basic Elements of Source Documentation

What Is Needed to Meet Minimum Standards for Source Documentation?

Accounting records must be supported by source documentation that shows that all costs charged against the relevant HUD program were:

  • Incurred during the effective period of the agreement between the grantee and HUD
  • Incurred for eligible items, as outlined in the grant/contract agreement
  • Approved by the appropriate official(s) within the organization
  • Expended (i.e., have proof of actual payment)
  • Not reimbursed by another funding source

Source Documentation Requirements Vary by Program

While all reimbursable expenses should have appropriate source documents that identify such things as the amount of expense, method of payment, purpose, date of transaction, authorization and other pertinent details, specific documentation requirements will vary by program. Program specific requirements are detailed in the relevant NOFA and cooperative agreement/grant award documents.