16e. Reporting

Please refer to Section VI of the General Section of the NOFA for a description of the applicable general reporting requirements. Following are specific reporting requirements articulated for this program:

Performance Reporting

After award, HUD will finalize a full set of measurement tools in order to evaluate your program’s impact and effectiveness. HUD anticipates that this will involve development of standard procedures for (1) measurement of service provisions and outcomes related to general well-being and health (2) implementation Demonstration in the same way in all sites; and (3) enrollment of eligible applicants into the study.

Recordkeeping and Data Collection

Applicants will be required to keep records to document how the Demonstration is being implemented, cooperate with resident’s enrollment in the evaluation, and cooperate in the formal independent evaluation of the Demonstration, including submission of costs and other program data and approximately two site visits.

Work Plan

HUD will work with grantees and/or the Service Coordinator to develop and finalize a supportive service work plan. Work plans will be careful, well-thought-out tools that to support successful implementation, management and evaluation of the proposed service program.