15l.  Additional Resources

15l.1 SCMF Program Reference Documents

OMB Approved Changes for Multifamily Housing Coordinators Program.

HUD's Management Agent Handbook number 4381.5, Chapter 8, provides the procedures for requesting Service Coordinator funding, and for operating a program in HUD assisted housing. It also provides the requirements and recommended course work for statutorily mandated Service Coordinator training and continuing education.

Please visit the SCMF website for the most up-to-date program information and administrative guidance.

15l.2 Questions and Technical Assistance

If a grantee has technical difficulties or questions about using GrantSolutions, please contact help@grantsolutions.gov or call 1-866-577-0771 to speak to a GrantSolutions Help Desk agent.

Post award changes to established role(s).  To add or change a user role, grantees must:

ALL programmatic questions related to this submission should be directed to your local HUD Grant Specialist.

15l.3 Web Resources

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