Multifamily Housing Program Financial Management Toolkit

15k.  Overview of Service Coordinator Activities, Quality Assurance, and Training Requirements

What Are the Primary Activities that HUD Anticipates for SCMF Program Operations?

HUD suggests that Service Coordinators are primarily involved with the following types of activities [MAH.8.4.a(3)]:

  • Provide general case management and information and referral services
  • Establish provider directories and linkages with community agencies
  • Educate residents on available services and benefits and on tenancy issues
  • Monitor provision of service
  • Advocate for residents
  • Educate housing management staff
  • Work with resident organizations
  • Help residents set up informal support networks
  • Educate housing management staff
  • Set up volunteer programs

What Activities Does HUD Stipulate that SCMF Staff Cannot Perform Using HUD Funding?

HUD stipulates that Service Coordinators cannot: act as recreational or activities directors, provide supportive services directly (except in emergency situations), or assist with other administrative work that is normally associated with housing operations. The Service Coordinator would normally report to “the project administrator, executive director or director of management in a management company. The coordinator will also consult with tenant organizations and resident management corporations, where appropriate.” [MAH.8.4]

In addition, “Management must assure that the Service Coordinator function is effectively implemented. Therefore, quality assurance (QA) is an allowable expense. A project may propose a cost of 8-10 percent of the Service Coordinator’s salary to provide limited monitoring oversight of the Service Coordinator by a qualified third party. The project must provide a written justification along with the budget.” [MAH.5]

A qualified third party must perform the program evaluation work and must have experience and education in social or healthcare services. QA activities must identify short- and long-term program outcomes and performance indicators that will help measure the SC program’s performance. On-site housing management cannot perform QA and owners may not augment current salaries of in-house staff for this purpose.

What Courses or Training Programs Does HUD Recommend for SCMF Staff?

HUD neither approves nor recommends training courses for Service Coordinators. The Department believes that trade associations, academic institutions, and local non-profit and public agencies can provide the best training to Service Coordinators working in HUD-assisted housing. Service Coordinators should choose training courses that best provide them with the information discussed in the Training Guidelines.

  • The American Association of Service Coordinators (AASC) website lists education and training opportunities offered throughout the country. The search engine of your browser can help you find education and training opportunities for ‘Housing Service Coordinators.’
  • All Service Coordinators working in HUD-assisted multifamily housing designated for the elderly and people with disabilities must conform to the Office of Multifamily Housing’s Training Guidelines.