15f. Changes to NOA

15f.1 Changes to Ownership Entity or Tax Identification Number (TIN/EIN)

HUD must approve ownership changes prior to the transfer of any grant funds. 

The new Ownership Entity must complete form HUD-1044-C, Assignment/Assumption Agreement, and email executed form to the local Grant Specialist.

  • The current grantee information detail must be identical to information that is currently in eLOCCS.
  • If there is new banking, please attach SF-1199A and voided check. Otherwise state “no banking change” in description box.
  • Be certain to document the reason for this form in the “description” box.  If changes are isolated to TIN/EIN, please note accordingly. Also in description box, provide new DUNS if applicable.
  • Upon receipt, the Grant Specialist must check for completeness.  If information is not complete, the form must be returned.
  • Once completed, the form must be emailed to FWAC for processing.

To update eLOCCS and link the user and/or coordinator to the new organizational information, the Ownership Entity must complete and mail a new HUD form 27054E to the Grant Specialist. The Secure Systems Coordinator (Approving Official) and Users must comply with eLOCCS guidance.

  • MANDATORY REQUIREMENT: New User, Reinstate User and Change Secure Systems ID must be NOTARIZED.
  • Select "Revise Authorization" to add, change, or delete the eLOCCS authorizations for an existing user. Use Reason in block 9 or 10 to describe the purpose of the revision. For example, “new user, “updating authorization,” “changing Tax ID” or as directed by HUD.
  • Upon receipt, Grant Specialist must review the form for completeness and accuracy.
    • If the form is incomplete, Grant Specialist must return incomplete or inaccurate form to the Owner via US Postal Service.
    • Grant Specialist must validate that the grantee is the correct official accessing the grant, and all data as it appears on the form for accuracy.
    • The Grant Specialist must include his/her name, office telephone number, title, email address, signature, and date (mm/dd/yyyy).
  • Once validated, the Grant Specialist must mail the completed and certified form to: OCFO, User Support Branch (FYMU) 451 7th Street SW, Room 3114, Washington, DC 20410.

If an ownership change occurs after an award has been issued, the new entity will be required to submit a new application at time of annual renewal.  The GrantSolutions record associated with the old Ownership Entity will be closed out.

15f.2     Address Changes

Ownership Entity must complete HUD 27056, Change of Address Request for Recipients of HUD Grants or Contracts Form and email executed form to the local Grant Specialist. This address change will change the information in the grant but not on the individuals record. The grant will also need too submit HUD form 27054e to have their address changed within the security profile

  • Upon receipt the Grant Specialist must check for completeness. If the form is incomplete, please return to grantee.
  • Grant Specialist must email a complete HUD 27056 form to FWAC for processing.

15f.3     Bank Account Changes

The Ownership Entity must complete and submit the SF-119A, Direct Deposit Sign Up Form. 

  • Attach a voided check or letter from bank stating account and routing numbers
  • Email information to your local Grant Specialist
  • Upon receipt voided check and SF-119A form, Grant Specialist must email information to FWAC for processing 

15f.4     Changes to eLOCCS Role

An official letter requesting an upgrade or downgrade to your Secure Systems ID is required.  Ownership Entity must submit an official letter on company letterhead containing the following information:

***Approving official must be registered as coordinator and user as users only***

  • WASS Secure System ID number
  • Name on the ID
  • Tax ID or PHA Code
  • FHA number or contract number or project number (if applicable)
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Last 4 of SSN
  • Name of the entity
  • Signature and title of the Owner, Executive Director, President, CEO, or Board member or management company (as listed in iREMS)
  • Contact information (i.e., name, company address, phone, email address)

NOTE: User IDs can only be upgraded under the Tax ID or PHA Code that the ID was originally    registered against.

15f.5     Corrections to eLOCCS

If a correction to the TIN/EIN and/or DUNS number is necessary and where such changes is not tied to a recently submitted form HUD1044C, the Grant Specialist must:

  • Send an email to FWAC detailing the grant number and the requested change.
  • Provide FWAC with a copy of the first page of the Notice of Award or a printscreen from SAMS.gov. The evidence must clearly document the correct DUNS and/or TIN/EIN.
  • If a grant already has a disbursement, TIN/EIN correction has to be made by submitting a HUD-1044C.

NOTE: If existing a User and/or Coordinator is not associated with the TIN/EIN and/or DUNS, the User and Coordinator must complete and submit the HUD-27054E form.