15e. Drawdown Requests

HUD requires that SCMF grantees use the eLOCCS system to draw down funds on a monthly (preferred) or quarterly (mandatory) basis. Grantees must drawdown funds based on the requirements established.  Timely drawdowns help ensure program compliance. In addition, grantees must complete form HUD-50080-SCMF (Revised 4-27-16) on a monthly basis for semi-annual submittal.

How Do SCMF Grantees Use eLOCCS?

Owners use HUD’s electronic Line of Credit Control System (eLOCCS) to draw down their grant funds on a periodic basis. HUD’s Chief Financial Officer provides guidance in LOCCS Access Guidelines for Grantees. Please reference Section 1d of this Toolkit regarding the updated eLOCCS security requirements that took effect on April 17, 2017.

Grantees must complete an individual worksheet for each draw down from eLOCCS. Grantees are required to submit to HUD one Excel file with data for the first six months of their 12-month grant term and a second Excel file with data for the second six-month period. These expense reports are due 30 calendar days following the end of each six-month reporting period. Detailed instructions for completing HUD-50080-SCMF are included in the form itself.

Each draw down from eLOCCS must be used to cover expenses through the end of the previous month. Failure to do this may affect future extension funding amounts. For example, if a draw down is for the month of June, the payment received must be used to reimburse all previous expenses incurred through May 31.

Each worksheet and each draw down from eLOCCS must include all costs incurred during each month or quarter. The total amount of expenses incurred for that month or quarter must be the same amount requested from and paid out by eLOCCS.