Multifamily Housing Program Financial Management Toolkit

12c. Recommended Closeout Actions

How Can a Grantee Assure Compliance with the ALCP Closeout Requirements?

To comply with the closeout requirements as established in 24 CFR Part 84 and 85 or 2 CFR Part 200, within 90 days after the date of completion of the award (end date), the grantee must submit a copy of the final Performance Report and the Federal Financial Report, SF-425. If the grantee has already submitted its final performance report, no additional report is required to be submitted. HUD has 45 days from the date of receipt to review the documents to determine whether the criteria for closeout were met.

What Happens Once It Has Been Determined that the Criteria for Closeout Were Met?

HUD will prepare and execute the appropriate closeout letter. The letter must identify the grant being closed out and inform the grantee that any equipment and/or supplies purchased with grant funds must continue to benefit the property.

If the grantee does not wish to keep the equipment/supply, the grantee must comply with 2 CFR Part 200.313 or 24 CFR Part 84 and 85.

HUD must recapture any unused portion of the grant. If the grantee has not incurred expenses against the full amount of funds that have been drawn down from LOCCS, the unspent portion must be returned to HUD.

When Is a Grant Considered Closed Out?

Grants are considered closed out on the date that the appropriate HUD official executes the closeout notification.

If after exhaustive attempts by HUD staff to encourage grantee compliance with the closeout requirements, a grantee fails to comply with the established deadlines, HUD staff must contact the Office of Inspector General to determine next steps.