Multifamily Housing Program Financial Management Toolkit

Knowledge Check – Direct Non-Personnel Costs

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1. Identify which of the following costs is NOT an example of a direct charge of non-personnel costs

A. Rent subsidy payment for an eligible low-income household
B. Computer hardware purchase, for organizations operating numerous types of programs
C. Operating costs of HUD-funded housing facility used exclusively by eligible residents
D. Expenses for a vehicle used exclusively for HUD-funded activities and serving eligible households

2. Select which of the criteria below would NOT be required for a direct charge to a federal grant of non-personnel costs:

A. The cost must provide direct benefit to a federally funded program
B. The cost must be allowable
C. The cost must be reasonable
D. The cost must be allocable to only one funding source
E. The cost must be supported by basic documentation

3. Identify the statement that is NOT true regarding the allocation of shared non-personnel costs:

A. The cost solely benefits one federal program.
B. A portion of the cost is allocated to a funding source other than the federal program
C. The basis for allocating the reimbursement of a particular cost may differ according to what the cost pays for.
D. The agency must determine the basis for allocation.