Multifamily Housing Program Financial Management Toolkit

10.     The Cost Allocation Process

The purpose of cost allocation is to divide shared costs in such a way that the appropriate amount, based on the relative proportion of total resources used, is charged to each applicable program and funding source. One important outcome of the process is the assurance that the same cost is never charged to more than one funding source. Of course, costs defined as ineligible by OMB – or explicitly excluded by HUD or a local funder – can never be reimbursed by a federal grant.

In this Section

10a. Defining Direct and Indirect Costs (§200.412)

10b. Documenting Personnel Costs

10c. After-the-Fact Time and Activity Reporting

10d. Supplemental Documentation of Staff Activities

10e. Direct Charge of Personnel Costs

Knowledge Check – Direct Personnel Costs

10f. Direct Charge of Non-Personnel Costs

Knowledge Check – Direct Non-Personnel Costs