Multifamily Housing Program Financial Management Toolkit

1d. Brief Program Descriptions

Brief descriptions of the programs covered by this Toolkit can be found in Section 17 – Appendix. For more information on these and HUD’s other Multifamily Housing programs, please visit our website.

Section 811 Project Rental Assistance (PRA) Program

Through Section 811, HUD provides funding that allows persons with disabilities to live as independently as possible in the community by subsidizing rental housing opportunities which provide access to appropriate supportive services. The grants to state housing finance agencies can be applied to new or existing multifamily housing complexes funded through different sources, such as the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program, HUD’s CDBG and HOME programs, and other Federal, state and local programs.

Assisted Living Conversion Program

The Assisted Living Conversion Program (ALCP) provides private, nonprofit owners of eligible developments with a grant to convert some or all of the dwelling units in the project into an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) or Service-Enriched Housing (SEH) for elderly residents aging in place. An ALF must be licensed and regulated by the State (or if there is no State law providing such licensing and regulation, by the municipality or other subdivision in which the facility is located).  Service-Enriched Housing is housing that accommodates the provision of services to elderly residents who need assistance with activities of daily living in order to live independently. 

Congregate Housing Services Program

The Congregate Housing Services Program (CHSP) offers grants to States, units of general local government, public housing authorities (PHAs), tribally designated housing entities (TDHES) and local nonprofit housing sponsors to provide meals and other supportive services needed by frail elderly residents and residents with disabilities who live in federally subsidized housing.

Service Coordinators in Multifamily Housing

The Service Coordinators in Multifamily Housing (SCMF) program provides funding for Service Coordinators who assist elderly individuals and persons with disabilities, living in federally assisted multifamily housing and in the surrounding area, to obtain needed supportive services from community agencies. Independent living with assistance is a preferable, lower cost housing alternative to institutionalization for many frail older persons and persons with disabilities.

Supportive Services Demonstration for Elderly Households in HUD-Assisted Multifamily Housing  

The Department’s Fiscal Year 2015 Supportive Services Demonstration for Elderly Households in HUD-Assisted Multifamily Housing funds supportive services in eligible existing HUD-assisted multifamily developments targeted to elderly households. HUD's investment under this Demonstration is intended to produce evidence about the impact of a supportive services model in existing assisted senior developments on:

  • Aging in place
  • Transitions to institutional care
  • Housing stability, wellbeing, health outcomes, and health care utilization (e.g., hospitalizations, emergency room visits) associated with nursing home placement and high health care costs.