Monitoring and Reporting

HUD monitors Multifamily Housing Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) programs through required reports that owners submit on FSS participants and their outcomes. Owners must submit periodic reports that provide basic information, such as the head of household’s starting and ending education levels, program start and end dates, and escrow balances, as well as information on services provided to each participant. Housing Notice H-2016- 08, Family Self Sufficiency Program in Multifamily includes HUD’s reporting tool and an outline of documentation that owners must keep on file in preparation for a HUD program audit. HUD will also monitor progress of the FSS program through submission of data collected by the owner from the participant at required income recertifications.

Q&AWho typically completes the quarterly reports?

The FSS coordinator typically completes the quarterly reports.

Q&ATo whom do these reports get submitted?

Reports are submitted to the property’s Account Executive in the local HUD field office. Property management staff work with Account Executives on a regular basis and so can provide appropriate contact information.

Q&AWhere can I learn more about HUD’s reporting requirements for multifamily FSS programs?

Housing Notice H-2016-08 includes more detailed information on reporting, document maintenance and retention, and HUD program audits. In addition, see Chapter 8: “Monitoring an FSS Program” in the “Family Self-Sufficiency Program Guidebook for Owners of Project-Based Section 8 Developments.”

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