Multifamily FSS Resources

HUD's Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program helps residents of assisted housing increase their earnings and build financial assets. These resources provide valuable guidance to property owners in launching an FSS program.

Informational Sheets

These fact sheets and FAQs discuss topics relevant to the FSS Program.

What's Involved in Launching a Family Self-Sufficiency Program?

Learn more about what it takes to launch an FSS program, from staffing requirements to property readiness.

Fact Sheet: Funding a Program

Owners can financially support an FSS program in a few ways: Using available residual receipts, corporate resources, third-party grants, and philanthropy. Find more information about how to fund an FSS program in this fact sheet.

FAQ: Escrow Account Management

The FSS escrow account is an interest-bearing account central to residents’ participation in the FSS program. It is designed to help participants build savings and incentivize growth in earned income. Learn more about FSS escrow accounts in this FAQ.

Multifamily FSS Escrow Credit Worksheet

This Excel worksheet will calculate escrow credit for participating households. It is meant to be used for initial calculation and at each income recertification. An example completed form is also provided for reference.

Fact Sheet: Staffing a Program

While owners have discretion in determining their program’s staffing structure, this resource outlines common roles and responsibilities in administering an FSS program.

Fact Sheet: Monitoring and Reporting

HUD monitors Multifamily FSS programs through required reports that owners submit on FSS participants and their outcomes. Find out more about HUD reporting requirements in this fact sheet.

FSS Success Story: Sileny

Learn about the journey of one FSS participant to improve her credit, relocate to a new city, and save for a home.

FSS Resources List

A downloadable list of FSS resources is available on this page.

Announcements and Guidance

Family Self-Sufficiency Program Notice

This Notice implements the policies and procedures applicable to an FSS program in a HUD-assisted multifamily housing property.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program Guidebook for Owners of Project-Based Section 8 Developments

This guidebook provides owners with information on promising practices that can help them establish and run an effective FSS program. It is based primarily on lessons learned from existing FSS programs and the rules established in HUD Housing Notice H-2016-08. This guidebook is organized into chapters that cover most elements of the FSS program. The chapters are ordered in a way that follows the development and implementation of an FSS program, starting with planning an FSS program, moving on to implementing an FSS program, and concluding with the use of data to monitor the program's success.

Featured Videos

Message from the Deputy Assistant Secretary

Lamar Seats, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily Housing, shares an important message about the FSS program in this brief video.

“I encourage our housing owners and management agents to learn more about Family Self-Sufficiency and choose to offer this opportunity to their residents. Please join HUD in offering our residents the opportunity to build a brighter financial future. We all must work together to create access to opportunity and vibrant communities for all.”

Watch DAS Seat’s brief invitation video | View the transcript

What is FSS?

This video, produced by Compass Working Capital, uses animation to explain how the FSS Program works, and how it can help participants reach their financial goals.

View the video | View the transcript

Why We Use FSS: Aaron Gornstein

Aaron Gornstein, President and CEO of Preservation of Affordable Housing Inc. (POAH), a multifamily owner organization, shares their reasons for launching an FSS program.

View the video | View the transcript

Why We Use FSS: Debbie Nutter

Debbie Nutter, President, CEO, and co-founder of The Caleb Group, a multifamily owner organization, shares their reasons for launching an FSS program.

View the video | View the transcript

Q&A: What are escrow account funds used for?

This Q&A polls representatives from multifamily housing owner organizations about how residents use their FSS escrow account funds.

View the video | View the transcript

Q&A: Example of Escrow

This short clip provides a step-by-step demonstration of FSS escrow.

View the video | View the transcript

Featured Trainings

Launching a Multifamily FSS Program Webinar

Designed to introduce FSS to owners and staff of HUD-assisted Multifamily properties, this webinar will provide a basic overview of the Multifamily FSS program.

Promising Practices for Running an FSS Program Webinar

This webinar highlights promising practices for running an effective FSS program.

Complying with Multifamily FSS Program Requirements Webinar

This webinar reviews the principal steps that HUD-assisted Multifamily properties must take to start an FSS program and comply with reporting and other program requirements.