Knowledge Check - Types of Waivers and Their Requirements

Select the appropriate response to the following questions.


Which of the following is NOT a type of waiver that is available to MTW Expansion agencies:

A. Cohort-Specific Waiver
B. Impact Waiver
C. Safe Harbor Waiver
D. MTW Waiver
E. Agency-Specific Waiver
'B' is correct. The four types of waivers available to MTW agencies are pre-approved MTW Waivers, Agency-Specific Waivers, Safe Harbor Waivers, and Cohort-Specific Waivers.

Please indicate if the following statement is True or False: An MTW agency needs HUD’s approval to expand its MTW activities beyond the specified safe harbors.

‘True’ is correct. The MTW agency may request to expand an MTW activity beyond the implementation guidance provided in the safe harbor, but explicit HUD approval is required prior to implementation. This is referred to as a Safe Harbor Waiver.