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Four Types of Waivers

There are four types of waivers, each of which is described in more detail in this section. Keep in mind that when implementing any type of MTW activity, MTW agencies must ensure assisted families are made aware of the impacts the MTW activity(s) may have on their tenancy. 

MTW Waiver

May be implemented, within the specified safe harbor requirements, once included in the MTW Supplement of an approved PHA Plan

Safe Harbor Waiver

May be requested to implement an activity in a manner inconsistent with the safe harbor(s) required for a pre-approved MTW Waiver

Agency-Specific Waiver

May be requested to obtain waivers from requirements of the 1937 Act not offered under a pre-approved MTW Waiver

Cohort-Specific Waiver

Unique to an MTW Expansion cohort to study a specific policy area