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Cohort-Specific Waivers

As part of the expansion of the MTW demonstration, HUD will evaluate specific policy changes, based on the advice of the MTW Research Advisory Committee. Depending upon the evaluation design:

  • HUD may add additional Cohort-Specific Waivers to a particular cohort. These Cohort-Specific Waivers and associated MTW activities may only be used to the extent permitted in the applicable Selection Notice.
  • HUD may restrict certain MTW Waivers and/or their associated MTW activities and will describe those restrictions in the Selection Notice for that specific cohort. Any restriction would only be in place during the evaluation period; once the evaluation is concluded, the MTW agency would have access to all of the MTW Waivers.

For more information on how cohort membership may affect an MTW agency’s ability to implement MTW Waivers, Safe Harbor Waivers, Agency-Specific Waivers, and/or Cohort-Specific Waivers, please see the following individual cohort pages on