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Agency-Specific Waivers

Historically, MTW agencies have used the flexibilities offered under MTW to think broadly about the problems their communities faced, and how doing things differently could help solve the problems.

Agency-Specific Waivers are the key to allowing MTW Expansion agencies to go beyond the pre-approved MTW Waivers and propose new and innovative activities that will meet specific local needs. Over time, HUD expects some of these new innovations to be adopted and tested by other MTW agencies, and to eventually become new best practices for all PHAs!

MTW agencies may request Agency-Specific Waivers to the requirements of the 1937 Act and implementing regulations, as described in Program Requirements that Can be Waived. MTW agencies may also include a request for additional hardship criteria, beyond those required in an MTW hardship policy.

Steps for requesting an Agency-Specific Waiver are available in the MTW Operation Notice, and the MTW Supplement will provide more details on what is required.

The Foundation of MTW Innovation!

Over the years, MTW agencies have used individualized waivers to foster effective innovation. Some of their strategies are now built into standard agency practices, and others formed the basis for pre-approved MTW Waivers.

As an MTW Expansion agency, you can build on those past innovations. But you can also use Agency-Specific Waivers to continue that legacy of out-of-the-box thinking and meaningful innovation!