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The Five MTW Statutory Requirements


Requirement 1: Ensure 75% of households are very low-income. Requirement 2: Establish a reasonable rent policy that encourages employment and self-sufficiency. Requirement 3: Continue to assist substantially the same total number of eligible low-income households. Requirement 4: Continue to assist a comparable mix of households by family size. Requirement 5: Meet Housing Quality Standard requirements.
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MTW agencies must ensure that their programs meet the five MTW statutory requirements. HUD will assess compliance with these requirements annually.

The following sections describe how HUD will determine whether the MTW agency is meeting these five requirements. If the MTW agency fails to successfully meet the five statutory requirements, HUD may implement the enforcement processes detailed in the MTW ACC Amendment.

MTW agencies can benefit from staying in good touch with HUD Field Office staff to ensure that the MTW agency is monitoring its own progress accurately, and to obtain advice and insights from HUD.